The Pastry Crawl Vol. 2


For this second installment of The Pastry Crawl, I’m excited to share a couple of New York (tr)eateries that I visited this past week that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.  I also make the case for red velvet (and not pumpkin spice!), and remind you to show your Rory pride.  Listen up!

  • New York is known for its dessert hybrids, if nothing else.  Is there really anything more iconic than NYC’s food scene?  The cronut, the UFO cone… what will the city’s sweetest minds think up next?  I sampled what is new pastry territory for me at Dessert Club, Chikalicious, a little shop in the East Village.  Sure, you’ve had a churro, and sure, you may have even had churros and ice cream on the same plate while strolling through summer fairgrounds, but have you ever eaten ice cream out of a churro cone?  The churro cone is this shop’s specialty.  I highly recommend one of their subtly delicious matcha lattes at the same time to balance out the insane soft-serve sugar levels.
  • Speaking of hybrids, another strange combination that I happened upon was the dual ambiance of Sugar Factory, a bar/restaurant in Chelsea.  I went on a weekend night… on the one hand, it had the vibe of being a nightclub filled with sugar-fueled bachelorette parties.  On the other hand, as I was sitting at the bar drinking my chocolate banana peanut butter martini, I could see young kids running around the tables, busting loose from their parents.  I’ve never been somewhere that tries to pull off nightclub and family restaurant at the same time.  If you’re from out of town, this place is definitely worth it to at least watch others order the fishbowl-sized gummy bear cocktails, if you’re not up to the challenge yourself.  As an added bonus, there’s a wall that looks like old-fashioned candy buttons that is perfect for a tipsy (or family) photo shoot!
  • In anticipation of the new Gilmore Girls season coming out next month, it only makes sense to let the world know how pumped you are.  These coffee bean earrings will send a loud message to everyone on your morning commute that you are READY, so ready, to welcome Lorelai and Rory back into your life. Once I acquire this inspirational jewelry, I’ll start searching for Pop-tart earrings on Etsy.  It will be a slippery slope, as you can imagine.
  • Are you fatigued by the thought of a Pumpkin Spice Latte? Have you been partaking in pumpkin-y snacking since the end of August?  While there’s nothing wrong with you if you’re still going strong, I make the case that red velvet is the more appropriate flavor for Halloween month.  It’s time to move on!  After mixing and shaping mounds of red velvet cookie dough at work, it looks like I’ve just survived a bloody battle rather than a sugary duty.  Red velvet is perfect for the holiday and it’s terrifyingly delicious.  It’s even bloodier than real blood. Embrace the gore, embrace the chocolate!

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