Gotta Taste ‘Em All!

Are you riding the wave of the Pokemon Go craze? I’m a little bit behind the times… my mom downloaded the app before I did.  Now, while waiting for that elusive Dragonite to pop out, I decided to make some Pokeball cake pops.  I need to maintain my energy while biding my time!

My apartment in Chicago was right on top of a Poke-stop. How could I resist getting swept up in the game when success was being handed to me?

pokemon cake

These cake pops are dipped in white chocolate and decorated with fondant. Moist vanilla cake is the perfect antidote to Poke-burnout. Pack a few of these when you go out on your next Pokemon scouting adventure!

Be Mine (I Don’t Want to Share!)

My favorite holiday is Valentine’s day… probably cultivated by my early exposure to Limited Too and Lisa Frank Valentine’s Day cards.  Now, as a (somewhat) functional adult, I still get giddy over the holiday that celebrates all things pink and glittery.  This year I was super excited to work as a pre-Valentine’s Day helper at Sugar Bliss Cupcakes.  There is no such thing as too many pink sprinkles!


Back in 2010 when I was living in Japan, I became acquainted with a different way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  The custom there is for girls to give chocolate to the boys, but not vice versa.  The exchange is complete on White Day (March 14), when the boys return the favor by giving treats to the girls who gifted them on V-day.  I have fond memories of making chocolates for all of the boys in my high school class in Japan.  Most of them were too shy to talk with me on any regular basis, but were thankfully gracious enough to let me force chocolate upon them.


This year, I strayed from chocolate and made this vanilla buttercream spongecake covered in fondant.  I was excited to learn how to cover cakes in fondant just in time for the holiday!  This definitely isn’t the smoothest cake I’ve seen, but I’m pleased with this first attempt.  I didn’t go heart-crazy, but it took all of my self-control.


Just add moscato and Netflix (and maybe a significant other), and you have a perfect Valentine’s Day on your hands!  I hope your day was as sweet as this cake.