Waves of Pink: Raspberry dacquoise cake

This cake is perfect for the week devoted to all things sweet and pink!  This week we’ve been working on wedding cakes in class…  the timing couldn’t be more perfect for ultra romantic desserts.  I hope your week is full of sweet surprises!  A longer Valentine-related post is coming soon.  In the meantime, write those valentines and feast your eyes on this cake!

Layers of hazelnut crunch, white chocolate mousse, raspberry gelee, and vanilla dacquoise cake






Healthy Serving of Chocolate Gratification

Getting this cake home was a trick, but it survived the 20 minute walk to my apartment with only minimal wear-and-tear.  One of the things that I love about pastry school is this physical and almost-immediate gratification.  Some cakes might take a full three days to assemble, but this time span is nothing compared to the weeks I would anguish over certain research papers during my former life as an undergraduate student.  Writing papers (and maybe even printing them out if I wanted to live a little) simply did not offer the same thrill as struggling home with a hefty box of beautiful cake.


Layers of chocolate dacquoise, hazelnut mousse, chocolate mousse, hazelnut crunch and chocolate glaze

IMG_1702Cake plateaus elevate any cake to worship-able status, and this pink and purple stand from Anthropologie definitely did the trick.  The purples were  a perfect contrast to the dark cake glaze.

IMG_1705I recently staged at a wedding cake studio, which reinforced my dream-of-the-week of being a specialty cake designer!  My wedding cake unit starts today, so time will soon tell if my vision pans out.  In the meantime, I’m going to let the momentum of this chocolate cake propel me forward.

IMG_1711We learned how to spread melted chocolate on long acetate sheets in order to achieve these headband-shaped swirls of solid chocolate decoration.  With the right materials, it was surprisingly simple!

choco cake