Matcha Strawberry Pocky Cake

I made a slightly different version of this cake for a friend’s birthday last summer, and it’s one of my favorite cake designs!  I love how the Pocky sticks form a charming little fence around the cake.  For this rendition, I made three layers of matcha green tea cake and paired it with a light strawberry cream cheese icing.  I chose to use cream cheese icing because it isn’t as intensely sweet as buttercream icing… it really allowed the green tea flavor to shine through.  Visually, the muted green color really stands out next to the pink.

The cake is skirted with green tea and chocolate Pocky candy and topped with a heap of freshly-coated chocolate strawberries.  I wasn’t intending it, but it has a festive, Christmasy look, especially after finishing it off with a candy-stripe bow!  I’m definitely tempted to leave one of these out for Santa instead of cookies.

I used a cake stand from Anthropologie and a vintage plate from eBay.  The pink bamboo print on the plate suited my cake perfectly.  I really geek out over Anthropologie’s kitchen gear, and this cake stand was the ideal look for this cake.  I am so happy with how the colors and lines pulled together for this photo shoot!










2 thoughts on “Matcha Strawberry Pocky Cake

    1. Thank you! You can tell that I’m already ready for spring. Bright colors are the only way to get through the winter!

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