FOTA Springfest Wrap-up

Thank you to everyone who came to FOTA’s Springfest last month!  I am very happy with how my project turned out.

I was able to display photos of my wagashi creation process in an accordion-style book that I made in Japan at a bookbinding artisan’s workshop.  I made it in the orihon, or folded book style.  I remember killing time before my lesson with the artisan by traipsing toward the mountain that towered over the little village of Minami Shiga where he lived.  I stumbled upon one of the most peaceful Shinto shrines during my time in Japan.  I was excited to finally use my book for something special!

I made my business card using Japanese candy boxes to spell out my blog url.  I found them at Ichiban,  my favorite shop in Chinatown.  I had to climb up onto my kitchen counter to achieve the perfect lighting for the shot.  It was slightly terrifying, but worth it.

I plan to continue making wagashi over the summer, so please check in to see more of my projects!  I can’t wait to find out where my inspiration will come from next.

Fota night image

Fota night image 2

3 hadley go lucky

4 Hadley fota write-up

5 IMG_1445

6 IMG_1480

7 IMG_1485

8 IMG_1465

9 IMG_1510

10 IMG_1514

11 IMG_1528



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