Cosmo Magazine “Bookies”

In honor of my good friend’s insane grad school reading load, I wanted to treat her with some reading material that was quite the opposite of her super-dry policy books.  These “bookies” were modeled to look like mini Cosmopolitan magazines!  They’re definitely not going to make your eyes sore, and they’re made out of sugar, the way all good reading material should be.

In college, when I *really* wanted to procrastinate, I would buy a Cosmo Magazine and share it with a friend.  I remember decorating the dorm hallway with some strategically placed OOTD photos and ridiculous seduction tips so that ALL could enjoy.  It was a move that created both friendship and confusion, but I like to think that it was an amusing reprieve from the U of C’s intense work load.

I consume most of my style news on the internet these days, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve lost the soft spot in my heart for glossy magazine fluff.

These cookies are radiant with edible glitter.  Eating them helps you to achieve the same glam feeling that you have after getting a free makeover at Sephora.  These cookies are a testament to my friend’s hard work, and proof that even #girlbosses need some sweet distractions in their life.

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