Annaprashan Cookies

I made these special cookies for an order that celebrates Annaprashan, a ceremony when a baby eats rice for the first time.  I’m thinking that the baby may be eating cookies for the first time as well!

One of my favorite aspects of baking and food styling is the power to personalize events that will become some of the most dog-eared memories.  The ability to do this is priceless to me.  Even when my life gets busy in other directions, I like to still make time for cookie orders such as this one.

It’s been a busy six day week working on shoots for a makeup brand and an upcoming pickle cookbook.  I probably went to the Union Square Greenmarket at least six times!  Assisting on each shoot floods me with creative ideas for my own projects.  Stay tuned for some portfolio shoot photos coming soon!  In the meantime, please enjoy this collection of spoons and dishes…


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