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My experience living in Japan has instilled in me a love for the presentation of food.  In most cases, the design of the food in Japan outshines the taste of the food itself.  Living and cooking with a Japanese host family opened my eyes to a world where food wasn’t relegated to merely sustenance.  I am especially drawn to the versatile Japanese confectionery art wagashi and its seasonal and poetic inspirations.  The status of wagashi as a vital art form is anchored in its ability to reflect the fleeting nature of our lives and times.  They capture the ever-changing beauty of the seasons and underline the temporary aspect of our world experience.  Its value as a stand-alone art is heightened by the tendency for other traditional arts to incorporate wagashi into the presentation and appreciation of their textiles, pottery, etc.  In effect, wagashi is a transient art that can support and accent traditionally permanent art, allowing for the preservation of these less-flexible arts that may be suffering from a declining modern market.  Though wagashi may literally not have the longest shelf life, they have true staying power in the larger picture of Japanese traditional arts.

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