Thank You, and Stay Sweet!

As I take the initial plunge into starting my own custom pastry business, I am reminded over and over again why I got so excited about the business of pastry in the first place.  Every part of the pastry process makes me happy; the preliminary Prismacolor sketches that I make while hashing out a design, the meditative trance that takes over during the mixing, baking, and decorating, the careful photo shoots, and the crucial delivery of the finished product, a beautiful product that I was able to bring to life with a few kitchen ingredients.  I am charmed by the idea that I am bringing happiness to others and elevating their celebration to another level of perfection.  In pastry school I was taught to be precise and graceful, and I embody that in every treat that comes out of my oven.  It is so special to be present at someone’s special event, and I’m honored that you’ve chosen me.

As 2017 approaches, I am more motivated than ever to reach the pastry goals that I have set for myself.  I hope that you’ve been captivated by my posts…  I intend to give readers a glimpse of what life is like baking in both the professional and home kitchen.  In addition to documenting my cake orders, I’m excited to take my readers along on more pastry crawls through New York and Chicago, and to get them excited about the production and presentation of beautiful pastries.  Happy New Year!

Two of my cake orders are featured in this post.  One cake is comprised of three layers of matcha cake, two layers of white chocolate ganache, vivid matcha buttercream, matcha shortbread garnish, and raspberries.  The other is three layers of rich chocolate cake, two layers of semisweet chocolate ganache, orange buttercream, blood orange slices, and semisweet chocolate curls.


Wish Upon a Cookie

The stars and the charts and the cards make sense/Only when we want them to.  – “On Hold,” The XX

Sometimes you have to break down your goals one shooting star… or cookie bite… at a time.  Right now I’m working on my own list of goals and breaking them down into manageable components.  I am determined to make 2017 my sweetest year yet!

What are your goals for the coming year?  If 2016 was a year of personal growth, what made it that way?  This year, I am so grateful for the friends that encouraged me to go after the job that I love.  I want to make a point of spending more time next year with the people that light me up and infuse my routine with positive energy.  It’s easy to turn down chances to spend time with these people when your week is a hectic montage of work, appointments, and train commutes.  The siren call of Netflix is answered by many, and there’s nothing wrong with unwinding with an episode or three of your current show.  It’s the brief meetings with energizing people, however, that will spark your next creative idea, not a computer screen.

In 2017, I dare you to not put anything on hold, whether it’s that book you’ve been meaning to read or that trip you keep planning with your best friend but never seem to go on.  Don’t wish that things would happen; make them happen.  When you start making the right things happen, everything starts to make sense.