Reach for the stars… Reach for the cookies!

Growing up in rural Illinois, I was accustomed to flawless night skies where all I had to do was duck out onto the front porch to see the stars.  Even though I was only able to find a handful of constellations consistently, it was still fun searching.  Starry nights in the city are hard to come by, but I decided that it doesn’t have to be that way!  To remedy the situation, I made some cookies inspired by spring’s constellations.  As I found out, a plate of cookies is much easier to navigate than the sky!

constellation cookie plate

As far as reaching for the stars goes, I’ve been pondering my next career step… what should my first move be after I graduate from pastry school in June?  It feels strange to be graduating from another program so soon after my graduation from the University of Chicago a year ago.

dragon cookie

The last eight months have been both tumultuous and rewarding.  If my life is a constellation, I’m still trying to connect the dots!  By making the plunge and attending pastry school, I feel that I already have a much better glimpse of what the end formation will look like.  There are certainly still quite a few stars left to connect though!

cookie plate 2

As much as I should be thinking along career lines, I find myself dreaming of a getaway… a visit to a friend in India, a hiking excursion, a trip to my house in the country… basically anywhere outside of Chicago.  My classes are every day, and I haven’t had the chance to leave the Chicago area since the end of December.  I really want to get outside!

ursa major cookie

Try your hand at making these dreamy cookie designs while you’re daydreaming about what your future holds, whether it’s your next career move or your next vacation!  Reach for the stars, and let the sugar rush propel you to accomplish everything on your list!

Ursa Major -The Great Bear


Lupus – The Wolf


Draco – The Dragon

blog 1

Corvus – The Crow



better bear cookie