FOTA Springfest Wrap-up

Thank you to everyone who came to FOTA’s Springfest last month!  I am very happy with how my project turned out.

I was able to display photos of my wagashi creation process in an accordion-style book that I made in Japan at a bookbinding artisan’s workshop.  I made it in the orihon, or folded book style.  I remember killing time before my lesson with the artisan by traipsing toward the mountain that towered over the little village of Minami Shiga where he lived.  I stumbled upon one of the most peaceful Shinto shrines during my time in Japan.  I was excited to finally use my book for something special!

I made my business card using Japanese candy boxes to spell out my blog url.  I found them at Ichiban,  my favorite shop in Chinatown.  I had to climb up onto my kitchen counter to achieve the perfect lighting for the shot.  It was slightly terrifying, but worth it.

I plan to continue making wagashi over the summer, so please check in to see more of my projects!  I can’t wait to find out where my inspiration will come from next.

Fota night image

Fota night image 2

3 hadley go lucky

4 Hadley fota write-up

5 IMG_1445

6 IMG_1480

7 IMG_1485

8 IMG_1465

9 IMG_1510

10 IMG_1514

11 IMG_1528



Phoenix Seal Nerikiri (不死鳥ねりきり)

Have you stepped on the phoenix seal inside of Reynolds Club?  I hope not!  Even if you have and are graduating late because of it, you can spend some of your extra time here enjoying this wagashi.  This treat was fashioned after that storied slab of gold.

This wagashi is made out of nerikiri.  Nerikiri is  a type of dough frequently used to make namagashi, or raw wagashi.  It is a mixture of rice flour, bean paste, and sugar.  Before making nerikiri, I had to make shiro-an, white bean paste.  I made the shiro-an out of lima beans.  I molded the nerikiri dough into a square and etched into it using a needle tool.

1 phoenix seal nerikiri

2 shiro-an

3 Stirring the shiro-an

intermediate phoenix

uchicago shirt

fine details

more fine details


side by side

green plate

rainbow plate